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Open source projects which I developed or contributed to.

Deep Learning + Computer Vision

Image Polygonal Annotation with Python (polygon, rectangle, line, point and image-level flag annotation).

PyTorch Implementation of Fully Convolutional Networks.

Chainer Implementation of Fully Convolutional Networks.

Chainer Implementation of Mask R-CNN.

Toolkit for PASCAL3D dataset.

Image augmentation for machine learning experiments.

Deep Learning + Computer Graphics

Chainer implementation of "Toward Multimodal Image-to-Image Translation".

Chainer implementation of "Unpaired Image-to-Image Translation using Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Network".

Transgender of real persons to achieve real harem, with mixed reality on Hololens.

Deep Learning Library

A flexible framework of neural networks for deep learning

NumPy-like API accelerated with CUDA

Computer Vision + Robotics

Volumetric Fusion of Multiple Semantic Labels and Masks

JSK perception ROS packages

jsk visualization ros packages

PCL (Point Cloud Library) ROS interface stack

ROS communications-related packages, including core client libraries (roscpp, rospy, roslisp) and graph introspection tools (rostopic, rosnode, rosservice, rosparam).

Allows one to create "nodelets" -- ROS node-like entities that run within the same process so as to avoid IPC and serialization overhead


Download a large file from Google Drive (curl/wget fails because of the security notice).

Navigate in Google Drive as you do on shell (gshell = Google Drive + Shell).

`cd` to python modules.

`cd` to repos in workspace managed by wstool.

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